Mixing your Music in the Studio

Mixing great sounding stuff requires the best sounding tracks. I use the best recording microphones and the best outboard analog gear and other recording equipment to make sure your music sounds perfectly.  We use the best of vintage and modern analog equipment and cutting edge digital effects and samples to deliver the best of old school, and the best of modern sounds, all with amazing sound and advanced editing capabilities of modern Pro Tools computer based recording system.

I mix all kinds of music, and have experience mixing most electronic and acoustic types, from beats and production of Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop Beats, to, Dance, EDM, Dubstep, and acoustic bands and vocals only projects.

I make sure to go through all the tracks and edit out all the accidental noises and breaths that may be distracting to your performance. My attention to detail makes sure your music is ready to go to the next level and your sound sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You’re going to love the way you sound, and you’ll be happy you talked to me about your mixing project. We have Pro Tools, Logic, and many other music mixing programs to mix up your tracks.

Mixing is an art form, and an important step in making sure your music sounds right. Poor mixing and balance can make a track fall flat, so make sure you get it mixed properly if you’re trying to make a great mix that’s a real hit.

Typically, I recorded vocals and all the instrumentation  and balance the sounds out to make sure the instruments and different parts are all combined into one coherent song working together. I apply appropriate effects like autotune, reverb, delay, or maybe even a walkie talkie phone or radio effect to different parts,  and I may edit down multiple audio takes or mix different microphones or instruments together.

Usually I work in Pro Tools 12 but many other audio systems are available, and new digital effects, plugins, instruments, and other digital music products come out every day, so use the best equipment, hardware and software in the recording studio available.

I use digital; or analog EQ, compression, gating, or other effects on the tracks to even out levels, and cut out tracks that have dead air or noise. Using the latest studio tools, I can fatten up the bass or boost the high frequencies (treble) to your tracks. Listening to the sound and knowing how to make it sound the best is something I’ve always felt natural doing, and my expert music ear is helpful to anyone with a music or mixing project

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